Origin of Good Will Movement

"Good Will Society is a social, philosophical and spiritual movement"

All learning is merely a recollecting. Only humans learn because recollection is a function of memory and reflection. Animals also recollect but they are not self-aware and do not reflect. Their recollections are purely a function of their instincts and a programmable memory. Learning is the exclusive blessing of the human. We learn, we civilise ourselves and become moral, however failingly, erringly we fare at it we still endeavour to find that meaningful existence. It eludes the humans, just like everything else in the duality of phenomenal existence. But we keep searching for that elusive meaning. The thirst to learn springs from that need to meaning, which springs from being self-aware.

To understand the nature of our existence, the ends and extent of our reality we become permanently seekers of the truth. We ask what life is, what existence is and we ask what it all means. In every era and epoch humans of that time have asked the same questions and have come up with their answers, the truths of their time. Every era has a voice for the most fundamental questions of life. Questions that tug at our souls and compel us to pursue them. The human cannot ignore or dismiss his need to meaning. He goes on a quest to find out, to seek out the answers. Raju Ravitej started on this quest like so many do, learning from the masters of the past and realising that the course of life, no matter how much it changes over the ages, still retains that fundamental quality. It changes only on the superficial variations that it cloaks itself in but essentially remain the same at its deepest reality. His questions were not different from those who have asked them before, nor are his answers any different.  He has shaped his questions to voice what concerns every human, what rankles in the breast of every human. He shaped his personal quest into the Good Will Society™, based on his Good Will Philosophy™.

Good Will Philosophy’s origins lie in the quest for the meaning of our life and existence. Good Will started on this quest and has taken the shape of the Good Will Society™ and the Good Will Movement™.