Wit & Wisdom of Peter Wollsching-Strobel

Good Will News Desk 20/06/2017, India
PeterWollsching-Strobel-Wit and Wisdom
The students and other members of the Good Will European Expedition of May 2017 had an opportunity to have an exclusive interaction with Mr. Peter Wollsching – Strobel at his offices in Frankfurt, Germany. Later that evening a dinner was hosted for the entire Good Will Expedition members. In both the meetings the Indian students experienced the wit and wisdom of Mr. Wollsching-Strobel. A great learning experience for all, as well as loads of fun and enjoyment.

Mr. Wollsching-Strobel, the Founder Director of PWS Management Consulting in Germany is a man of wisdom. Accumulated over several decades of hard work and diligence, Mr.Wollsching-Strobel is an example of enterprise, hard work and a whole lot of good will.

Starting off as an Ambulance driver and studying hard at the same time, he occupied almost all positions in an organisational hierarchy thereby gaining precious experience at being and doing everything. Like so many successful people his journey began when he was unceremoniously dropped from an organisation he was working for and he started on his own with the grit and determination of a Tiger. He remained true to that title of a Tiger and kept its integrity throughout his journey of life. He has built PWS Management Consulting (www.wollsching-strobel.de) into one of the most reputed management consulting companies in Germany.

Peter Wollsching-Strobel is a mercurial entrepreneur and a dream for youngsters who aspire to be on their own. Coming from nowhere and growing to be one of the most reputed and sought after consulting companies is the story of inspiring people in the world. The Tiger like determination, tenacity and strength when exhibited day in and day out for decades, the result would be a successful edifice built on lasting values. One of the greatest assets of PWS is its enormous goodwill among its clients. Anyone who has met Mr. Wollsching-Strobel, like the Indian students, will come away with stars in their eyes, feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. He is witty and wise. Both qualities which are the hall mark of a successful person.