What can an interview with Peter Wollsching Strobel bring?

Peter Wollsching-Strobel
Good Will News Desk 29/06/2017, Hyderabad, India
Six bright students from India, three German colleagues with PhDs and vast experience and the mercurial Peter Wollsching-Strobel. One can imagine what would happen in such an meeting. It was as predicted a question and answer session that gave the value that cannot be measured in simple terms. The Indian students who attended the interview and discussion were Nivetha Krishnan, Alekhya Malikireddy, Megha Sachan, Ramya Bhat, Amulya Bachala and Gamya Raju Pothuri. The German colleagues were Dr. Sven Werkmann and Dr. Clarissa Gross. The students came away from it starry eyed after discussing topics ranging from personal excellence in the face of adversities to Brexit and the blunders by the UK in getting out of EU. And everything else in between. It was a session for career counselling, political understanding, personal achievement, developing a sense of purpose and being happy without worrying about money and materials. Peter Wollsching-Strobel connected with the Indian students brilliantly and was at his charming best, using wit, humour, profundity and common sense, all mixed in an enviable intellectual suppleness.

The interview was organised by Good Will Society and PWS Management Consulting as a way of giving visiting Indian young people an understanding of Germany, EU Economics, Politics and general cultural features. Good Will thanks Peter Wollsching-Strobel for sharing his insightful perspectives with the Indian students and giving them his time and space. Above all, for giving the Indian young people a bit of his charisma.