The Great Good Will Exercise with HPS and Bednarska First Charter High School

Good Will News Desk 3 Feb 2018, Hyderabad, India

The Hyderabad Public School – Ramanthapur hosted Bednarska Charter High School (the Maharajah School) from Warsaw as part of a Good Will Exchange between the two prestigious schools. Between 19th and 29th January 2018, HPS students hosted 19 students of the Bednarska School.

The exchange was inaugurated by the Polish Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of India, Hon. Dr. Adam Burakowski, who met with all the students and teachers of the exchange for lunch and delivered a stirring speech to start the exchange.

The Good Will Exchange is led on the Indian side by Dr. Narasimha Reddy, Principal of HPS (Ramanthapur) and on the European side by Dr. Bartek Pielak, Director & Principal of the Bednarska First Charter High School, Warsaw.



The 12 day exchange was organised with home-stays for all the visiting students by the HPS and an educative and enriching calendar of events were organised in a well-coordinated programme which included cultural events, art and music performances, debates and dialogues, dinners and other cultural events.

The Bednarska students from Warsaw will receive their Indian partners in the month of May 2018 in a reciprocal visit of the Good Will Exchange. The Great Good Will Exercise with the two reputed schools from India and Europe has begun in right earnest and will continue to enrich the lives of the students in the months and years to come. Congratulations to both HPS and Bednarska.