Inspired by Freedom and the Maharaja Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji

Bednarska Founder
Krystyna Starczewska – Founder of the Bednarska Schools

Krystyna Starczewska, the gentle, loving and dynamic founder of the Bednarska Schools experienced the effects captivity, lack of freedom and overbearing authoritarianism can have on the soul of child. As a girl growing up in the war years she experienced hardships which pointed her in the direction of freedom of choice, liberty and independence of thought and spirit. It was clear in her tender mind that she would one day help children to experience freedom. In 1989 she turned her long standing dream and vision into reality by establishing the Bednarska Schools, where liberty of thought and spirit are encouraged. She was inspired by the story of the Indian Maharaja, Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji of Jamnagar who with his gracious gesture saved more than 500 Polish children and families from certain death. He sheltered them in India, provided them land, housing, food and encouraged them to practice Polish culture while living in India so that the children do not lose touch with their roots. Inspired by his noble actions, Krystyna chose to have the Maharaja as the patron of the schools she has established. Today the Maharaja is celebrated in the school and also in the Polish society and a street is named after the Good Maharaja as well as a monument erected in his honour, both in Warsaw.

Krystyna, well into her 90s now actively participates in leading the Bednarska Schools and was leading the proceedings once again when Good Will Society visited Bednarska. Her guidance and leadership is shaping the cooperation between Bednarska and Good Will, quite aptly, as her life is an inspiration to everyone who wishes to help the youth and shape their lives for the good of the world. Krystyna is an inspiration and exemplary educational leader.

Good Will News Desk 26/07/2017, India