Grace, Courage, Love – the unforgettable World War 2 Survivor

Grace Courage Love - Krystyna
Grace, Courage and Love – the unforgettable Krystna Świerczyńska 98, World War 2 survivor.

When one meets a survivor of the horrors of the World War 2 there are no easy words to describe what feelings the person evokes. Krystyna Świerczyńska survived the terror of war, the displacement and losing of her family while in her teens, the distressing memory of seeing her mother bid goodbye to her, never to see her again. To experience such a reality and live to tell the story without bitterness, without ill-will but only compassion requires one to have great courage, grace and love.

Krystyna, aged 98, spent an afternoon with the Indian and European students at Bednarska on 22nd May 2017, sharing her story of survival and also the story of how her family could not survive. Those few hours spent with her gave the students and teachers an education of a lifetime. Good Will salutes Krystyna’s courage and the gracious way she has endured the hardships of war. She now serves people in distress and is actively engaged in helping people who are in need. She taught each one of us much more than we could grasp in those few hours. Her teachings, her experience, her charm and her story will remain with each one of us for the rest of our lives.

The discussion was also attended by the Founder of Bednarska Schools Krystyna Starczewska who shared her experiences of the war and also of how she came to found the Bednarska Schools. It was an enriching educative time like no other. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Bartek Pielak, Vice Principal of Bednarska.

22/07/2017, Good Will News Desk, India