Good Will Australian Expedition

Good Will Goes to Australia

ausEnjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountain in Sydney

• Learn how life happens in big Australian cities

• Visit the Parliament in Canberra and parliamentarians too

• Learn from the historical monuments in the capital city of Australia, including the World War Memorial

• Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the great barrier reef

• Discover the aborigine culture of the indigenous people of Australia

• Meet with Australian Rotary members and learn about the important work they do for society

• Attend a Good Will music concert

• Perform your song & dance talents in a cultural programme in Gold Coast

• Debate with the Polish, German and Australian youth on hot topics and win a prize

• Learn Good Will Philosophy from the fun workshops conducted by the exciting members of Good Will Europe

• Participate in the Good Will Conference and make lasting friendships with Australian youth

• Learn how to peak your sports performance from Australian Sports Coaches

• Climb the Warning Mountain

• Meet with local achievers

• Spend three full days with local Australian youth



  • 21st Oct – Departure from India
  • 22nd Oct – Arrival in Canberra
  • 23rd Oct – Canberra
  • 24th Oct – Sydney
  • 25th Oct – Sydney
  • 26th Oct – Cairns
  • 27th Oct – Cairns
  • 28th Oct – Cairns
  • 29th Oct – Cairns (night in Gold Coast)
  • 30th Oct – Gold Coast
  • 31st Oct – Gold Coast
  • 1st Nov – Gold Coast
  • 2nd Nov – Brisbane
  • 3rd Nov – Arrival in India
  • An exciting 12 day adventure in Australia created by Good Will Society with the
    • Learn culture that is dissimilar to your own
    • Visit places of great historical significance
    • Meet with local achievers, families and friends
    • Learn through adventure and fun
  • Members from India, Poland, Germany and Australia join the Expedition


For Registrations

Yash Saxena – +91-7795408220

Armaan Yadav – +91-8792765024

A detailed itinerary will soon be released for registered candidates