Doctor who saves lives

Dr. Beata

02/09/2018, Poland

Diagnosis of a condition is the first step towards healing. If that condition has not been diagnosed properly and if a man is sent from doctor to doctor failing each time to find a solution that cures, vexation of the mind and deterioration of the body is the natural consequence.

After two years of futile efforts in consulting doctors for his health condition, Raju Ravitej landed at the doorstep of Dr Beata Pieczyńska, courtesy Ania Olszewska who was kind to recommend him. Ania had great faith in Dr. Beata and Ravitej went to see her in Poznan, Poland in November 2015. From then until now, Dr. Beata has changed Ravitej’s health condition, gave him the right diagnosis and cured him with her Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) and put him on a path to good health.

After a severe illness which led to hospitalisation for 11 days in October 2017, Raju Ravitej was put on a strict routine by Dr. Beata and she has achieved great results for him. It is to her credit that Ravitej has regained his health and is on his way to even better health than he had prior to his severe illness. All thanks to Dr. Beata and her brilliant doctor-instincts. According to Raju Ravitej, she is, “the Doctor who saved my life.”

Dr. Beata practises TCM and travels the world giving lectures and seminars. She works from the historic and beautiful city of Poznan very close to Berlin.