Bednarska Schools to visit India on Exchange Programmes

Bednarska Schools Enter into cooperation with Good Will Society
Ania and Bartek
Good Will Society and Bednarska have entered into a cooperation to create cross-cultural exchanges between Indian schools and the Bednarska Schools in Warsaw, Poland. Founded by Krystyna Starczewska 30 years ago, with the Good Maharajah Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji as its patron, the Bednarska Schools are an example of excellent modern education with a flair for tradition and history. The Bednarska Schools are continuing the tradition of great good will gesture made by the Indian Maharajah who saved hundreds of Polish children during the Second World War. The Bednarska Schools are committed to the spirit of good will in the world and for empowerment of young minds using a mix of tradition and modern methods.

For Bednarska Schools to come to India and enjoy fruitful student exchanges with Indian schools is an emotional journey along with an educational one. Their love for India and Indian people and culture has brought them closer to India. The Bednarska Schools are a group of eight schools which offer high quality education ( to all ages and have a reputation for turning out illustrious students who have gone on to becoming achievers in Europe.

The objective of the student exchange is to create cross-cultural educational opportunities with India and learn about each other’s culture, educational methods and create joint experiences which enrich the students and teachers of both Indian and Polish schools.

The cooperation of Bednarska Schools with Good Will Society, in India and in Europe is a significance step forward in the efforts to spread Good Will Philosophy among youth and school children. The exchange is coordinated and led by Good Will Europe and India and the management of the Bednarska Schools.
Vani and Bartek
Good Will News Desk 19/07/2017, India