A Historic Institution & a Visionary Leader

Good Will News Desk 07/06/2018, Hyderabad, India
Mr. Bali Visionary Leader

History and Vision are the two ends of the same stick. Those who have great visions create history. While history is a record of the past, visions are the prospect of a great future.

The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet is a historic institution, weathering time and tumult of change it stood steadfast against the challenges that come and go. To lead an institution that has been through historic times and yet stood tall at different times, requires a leader with a vision.

Mr. Skand Bali, the Principal of the HPS is a man of great visions. To lead the HPS to greater heights he gives his all and creates new visions for his students and the institution. In the 15 days of the Good Will Expedition and Exchange in May 2018, the 45 member delegation he led was witness to his youthful, vibrant, open leadership. Through Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland he led the students and teachers not only with ease but with a keen teaching instinct. He led Impression LearningTM Sessions for students to register their learning as they go from country to country gathering impressions.

His style of interaction with students is easy and hands-on and he went onto create impressions of his own on the students’ minds. Whether it be the war museum and Hitler’s Party Office in Nuremberg or the 9 km trek in the Bohemian Saxon Switzerland national park in Czech Republic, he delivered a teacher’s message like a young friend does. This youthful style impressed everyone and inspired the partner school The Bednarska Charter High School at Warsaw in Poland. The Principal of Bednarska was inspired to comment that Mr. Skand Bali was the “most positive and approachable Principal he has ever seen”.

Mr. Skand Bali has great visions for the HPS in the world and wants to take his school and the students onto the world stage and create in them indelible impressions and true educational experiences. Good Will Society salutes Mr. Bali’s vision and leadership. Thank you for your visionary approach to education, which will change many a young person’s life. The world is a better place because of teachers and educational leaders like Mr. Skand Bali.