Mission of Good Will Society

"To bring the world together in Good Will"

Good Will Society™ is a purpose driven social, philosophical and spiritual effort. The objective of this effort is to bring the world together in Good Will. Bringing the world together does not mean we endeavor to make everyone in the world same, devoid of all diversities and differences.

Good Will is a Philosophy with a simple premise and a deep principle of truth that is instinctively understood by all, but followed or lived by few. The crux always lies in the Willingness of the world to be Good rather than in its knowledge of what is good or bad. Merely knowing and understanding what is right and wrong does not make a human moral. It is how one lives one’s life that makes a man good or bad. We live according to our Will. Our Willing therefore needs to align with the Good in us. This effort is a never ending effort as the one’s willing is not a one-time-event of life but a constant all-the-time-happening process. One must exercise goodness of the Will at every moment of life navigating one’s life through trials and challenges of temptations, greed, selfishness, anger, arrogance and vanity. As individuals and as societies in the world, our challenges are ever increasing because of the increasing belief in the absolute freedom from all manner of restrictions and indulgence in total self-absorption. The zeal to breakdown every barrier of restraint & discipline and give the human a free reign to do as one pleases or in other words to not have any bounds or boundaries on one’s Will, seems to be gaining an upper hand in our world. To do as one Wills seems to have become the overarching philosophy of the world. Though our world has seen such times before in the pre-Upanishadic times (about 2000 or more years back), it is a test of the human resolve currently to retain the good in us as humans and to let the flower of our social, philosophical and spiritual reality bloom and shine. In times such as these, it appears that the overwhelming need of humans is to unite under a unifying ideal. The mission to bring the world together in Good Will is born out of this need.

The nature of good willing is such that whatever one might pursue to give meaning to one’s life, one can live with the realisation that being good is the fundamental duty of humans. The need for communion, love, respect, dignity, liberty, order, success and the need for justice are all common needs of human beings. Good Willing is at the fundament of these common needs. The bringing together of the world in Good Will means to help the world focus its collective Will on this fundament of being Good. The Good in other words is also called Love. There is nothing more powerful than the truth and there is no greater truth than Love. Good Will is Love.

Good Will Society™ is a social, philosophical, spiritual movement to bring the world together in Good Will.