Good Will Society and Good Will Movement

"Good Will is a quest, a search and movement for love among all the humans of the world. All manner of belief, unbelief, systems of thought and streams of life is respected and welcomed with the fundamental principle of love. The search for love does not discriminate but allows thought to flourish in all its forms. That which inspires hate and harm is discarded"


Good Will Society™ (Maitri Samaaj) is a social, philosophical and spiritual movement founded upon the Good Will Philosophy ™ of Raju Ravitej, the founder-leader of Good Will Society™.

The Good Will Philosophy™ is based on the premise that if one Wills Good, Good Will happen.

The aim of Good Will Society™ is to bring the entire world together in Good Will. It is not in the links that connects us but in the thread that binds. The human race can be bound by the thread of good willing.

Good Will Society™ is a global cause for goodwill in the world by reconciling differences among differing peoples and cultures. Also Good Will Society™ is a cause for the individual to be inspired to understand the importance of willing good, so that good happens. Good Will is based on the philosophy that if one Wills Good, Good Will happen. The cause of Good Will is to highlight the critical role that one’s willing plays in one’s life and the life of nations and cultures. What we will, we do. If we Will good, We do good, therefore the emphasis on good willing.

Good Will Movement™ inspires, cultivates, promotes and highlights Good Will in the world using various social, philosophical and spiritual campaigns.

Good Will Society™ works with 6 pillars of society on which a society’s Social Will rests. Social Will is the collective Will of a people and this Social Will is expressed through Education, Industry, Arts, Philosophy & Religion, Politics & Governance and Social Service.