Good Will Philosophy

"The creator of all that exists is uncreated. That which caused all is causeless, timeless, spaceless. It is attributeless, amoral, unmanifest non-being. I call it Universal Will. It was always called परमात्मा (PARAMAATMA) in Sanskrit. - Raju Ravitej"

What is Will?



Universal Will

The Universal Will is the absolute, blind, thriving, pulsating life force, the unmanifest from which everything objectifies.

It manifests itself countless forms unendingly. It exists for itself and only for itself. It recognises nothing or no one except its need to continuously arise and pass away in countless forms. This maker of all forms of formless.

The cause of all that is manifest, this unmanifest is timeless, spaceless and causeless. It is the absolute amoral unborn and undying non-being.

Individual Will

An individual is the highest objectified form of the Universal Will. The human is the Individual Will.

The individual Will is the human. The Knowing being with self awareness and self-consciousness. The Moral being with the presence of reason.

Unlike the Universal Will, the human exists with an important difference. The human perceives. And can represent back to himself what he perceives.

The human is the individualised form of the Universal Will. A miniature of the Universal Will, with self-awareness.



Social Will

When several individual Wills come together to create a meaningful co-existence, they do so by combining their individual Wills. That combined Will is the Social Will. It is the Collective Will of the people, which is the basis for all civilised existence.

Social Will is paramount for any change in our world.

Because of the Social Will, an individual cannot do as he Wills. Social Will permits or prohibits the individual Will.

Good individual Will invariably leads to good social Will.

Good Will

If a human’s Will is left free to do as he Wills., then he will cause great destruction.

Just like the amoral Universal Will exists blindly for itself, the human too shall exist with the same amorality. To live in a civilised way, to live life with meaning the individual controls, conditions and directs his Will. From an indifferent amoral Will, he makes it a Good Will.

We are not what we know, but what we Will. No amount of knowledge or knowing makes a person do what is right or good or just unless he wills it. We do what we will.

If we will ill, ill will happen. If we will good, good will happen.

We are what we Will. Not what we know.