"I am proud to be involved in such a powerful, philosophical movement"The European Good Will Expedition of 2016 was overflowing with compassionate, enthusiastic & ambitious young individuals who endeavor to truly make a difference to our planet. I travelled home to Australia with a strong sense of purpose & clarity after experiencing such historical landmarks & meeting such influential people. As the Australian Youth Ambassador for Good Will my heart is warm & I am proud to be involved in such a powerful, philosophical movement.

- Jacob Lee Christian Blowes

Good Will means coming together and ‘willing’ good for everyoneGood Will means coming together and ‘willing’ good for everyone. So much of Good willing happened in the April, May Expedition over just weeks of exchanging experiences, emotions, ideas, and thoughts. I am very fortunate, happy and extremely proud I could play a role making it happen

- Ms. Anna Olszewska

Director – Good Will Expeditions
With Good Will I realised how important it is to bring people from all over the world togetherWith Good Will I realised how important it is to bring people from all over the world together”. I learnt great lesson not only about other people but also about myself. On the one hand, I’d we shouldn’t focus on the differences between cultures and ways of perceiving the world…on the other hand, these differences are very important because they help us redefine ourselves. How we use the knowledge we get determine everything for us that is where Good Will comes in. It’s our Will that determines what we decide to do with what we learn.

- Bartek Olszewski

Country Coordinator – Good Will Expeditions

Good Will Expeditions are voyages across the world of groups of young people to cultures and countries dissimilar to one’s own. In an expedition usually upto 4 countries are covered with strong local participation. The aim is to create opportunity and occasion for young people to meet and combine their knowledge and experiences – to bring them together. 

Some basic features of a Good Will Expedition are cross-cultural knowledge, Insights into history of a country or culture, meetings and living with locals, buddying with host culture, fun and adventures in nature and joint activities. All activities are threaded together with the Good Will Philosophy™ and the mission of bringing the world together in Good Will is ever present in the events and goings-on. Prominent people in every culture and society participate in the expeditions lending their wisdom and experience to the youth.

Good Will Expeditions are an important part of “The Great Good Will Exercise™” (Maha Maitri Abhyaas) that promotes Good Will among the youth of the world. As part of this exercise, Good Will creates expeditions in various parts of the world, including, Americas, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, India, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia

Good Will Expeditions are the breeding ground of new leadership, innovation, creativity and bold ideas. Expeditions generate socio-philosophical-spiritual consciousness. Young leaders who exhibit these qualities are rewarded and inspired to lead other young people. The Good Will cause multiplies with the participation of inspired young people from across the globe.

Good Will Expeditions give opportunities for young people to go to countries and cultures vastly dissimilar to one’s own. Good Will cultivates young leaders and trains them and gives them a platform to showcase their leadership abilities and their good will. In the process of teaching and leading by example in countries that are culturally diverse from their own, the young people in the Good Will Expeditions excel at understanding others, develop a keen sense of self and their own culture, learn through adventure and make lasting friendships.

Along with cross-cultural learning, insights into history of cultures, adventure and loads of fun and enjoyment, the participants and young leaders of Good Will Expeditions learn the Good Will Philosophy™ of willing good for good to happen in the world and in their individual lives. The expeditions make them strong, resilient, culturally aware and capable young people.

Who can participate in the Good Will Expeditions?

Any young person from age 13 to 30 can participate in the expeditions. The organisers and coordinators are not bound by the age limit.

Objectives of Good Will Expeditions

Create expeditions to dissimilar cultures

To experience historical places by being there

Meet, commune and work with local people through joint activity

Learn through adventure and being in nature

Identify youth leaders and present them with resources and opportunity to bring the world together.


Gallery of the Good Will Expedition to Europe in April 2016

Forthcoming Expeditions

Australian Expedition in October More ...

South American Expedition – Jan-Feb 2017

European Expedition in April 2017

African Expedition in August 2017

Australian Expedition in October 2017

Asian Expedition in December 2017

Good Will is currently creating expeditions the 7 locations in the world, where there is Good Will Society’s presence.

For more information and details write to goodwillsociety@gmail.com

Become a youth leader

If you believe in Good Will you can become a Youth Leader. The Good Will Movement needs youth leaders. Youth leaders typically have the following qualities. They

Believe in the Good Will Philosophy

Are Fearless and Enterprising

Love to lead, take responsibility and create

Willing to continuous learn

Love people

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