Essence of Good Will

Essence of Good Will

Essence of Good Willing is living, not just knowing.

The essence of any Good Will is truth. Truth is Satya. In Sanskrit the word ‘Sat’ means to be’ or ‘that which is’. Truth is ‘that which is’ and also ‘to be’. That which is, that which persists changelessly when all else changes, that universal all pervasive Self that dwells in the human, as well as outside of him, in everything and everywhere. That which always is, is the truth. *

*For more on this refer to the first chapter in The Good Will Philosophy.

Philosophy is not just accumulation of knowledge, but a life devoted to practising that knowledge. To live a life of Good Will and be an example is more important than merely accumulating the highest of all knowledge.

If one makes a beautiful winning argument for the principles of Good Will but lives a life divorced from those principles, one cannot fully grasp the meaning of those principles.

Our world has many people who have perfected the art of speaking about the right things because of intellectual prowess and skill; but lead a life steeped in self-indulgence. Sometimes it is the educated but hard-hearted people who cause great ill will.

A true index of who we are can be seen in what we do, not in what we say to justify what we do. Actions are the true measure of a person. If a person lives his principles, there will be little need to speak incessantly about it.

One must continuously strive to live the principle despite human failings and weaknesses. To direct one’s Will, one must live one’s principles.

Truth needs to be lived not just pronounced by the lips. Only then will a truth take root in the heart of a person.

Finally, one need not lead social movements or do great public good to be good willed. One can lead one’s own life with good will.