Good Will Campaigns

Good Will Campaigns are collective actions, especially joined in by people from various parts of the world. Social Action on a massive scale results in changes that will last. Supreme time-tested ideas when expressed in one voice by several people across differing cultures and communities have the power to influence and shape social will. In the individuals who participate in the campaigns and for individuals who are touched by the campaigns, life changes and are placed on altered course. The seeds sown in the hearts and minds of participating members will take root and flower slowly, steadily and surely. Good Will campaigns are aimed at creative massive social actions that are necessary to shape the collective thinking of people.

Just as everything else Good Will does, the campaigns are also social, philosophical and spiritual in nature and content. The three elements are essential to influence and impress the hearts and minds of people. In many ways the influence binds Good Will Society™ to its members and those touched by the campaigns. And Good Will is also bound to them all by the thread of good willing. Good Will Campaigns are self-sealing loops of influencing each other in a powerful way. Just the same way as the basic Good Will philosophy™ premise works, If you Will Good, Good Will happen™.

The Great Good Will Exercise (Maha Maitri Abhyaas)™

The first campaign of Good Will is underway. Launched on the 25th of January 2016, “The Great Good Will Exercise™” or the Maha Maitri Abhyaas™ is a 24 month effort to bring together young people from Europe, India, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Singapore and Malaysia. The aim of the campaign is to create educative, enriching experiences for people of each other’s cultures and history. To build cultural bridges and bring people together under the social, philosophical and spiritual cause of Good Will’ing.

The Great Good Will Exercise™ has begun with a Good Will Expedition of young people to Europe in April 2016, which was successfully completed. The forthcoming events in 2016 include a Good Will expedition to Australia to create a Good Will Conference followed by a Global Youth Leaders’ Meet in India. The Great Good Will Exercise™ also has Good Will Expeditions coming up in Argentina, South Africa, Europe and Scandinavia, Asia and Australia in 2017.

Further events such as Good Will Camps in Schools across the world, Book Releases are also lined up which will be announced on the Website as the developments progress.

World Philosophical Union (Maha Maitri Gyaan)™

Maha Maitri Gyaan or World Philosophical Union - the second Good Will Campaign will be launched by the end of 2017. The driving emotion and idea behind the World Philosophical Union is to bring together thinkers, scholars, achievers, opinion makers and leaders of the world, all in Good Will. The nemesis of excessive materialism can only be answered by conscious and collective enlightenment through Philosophical and Spiritual revival.